1. Benefits of Walking and Exercising Your Dog

    Walking your dog or puppy is more than just making sure they are exercising; it is a great place to start obedience training. After a good walk, your dog is less likely to become bored and behavior is easier to manage. If you need some assistance with puppy training and are looking for a dog trainer in Fort Collins, contact S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation. Having a happy and obedient dog …Read More

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    Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

    Dog owners dread the day when they come home from work to find the couch cushion insides are draped all over the living room, shoes have been chewed on, or there are droppings on the carpet. Even a well-trained dog can misbehave when the owner leaves the home. Separation anxiety in dogs is a distressing behavior and is one of the most common reasons why dogs are euthanized or given up for adoption…Read More

  3. Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

    Puppies are undeniably cute, but they are also undeniably messy and can get into a lot of trouble. Puppy training is an essential part of starting the relationship out right. It can seem like a hopeless task of trying to get your new puppy friend to keep his or her food in their bowl, let alone letting you know when they need to make a trip outside. If you need help with puppy training, obedience,…Read More

  4. Four Behaviors That Scare New Dog Owners

    Dogs are America’s favorite pets. They are loyal, loveable, fun, affectionate, and humorous. On the other hand, there are people who don’t share the same love for dogs. They can be aggressive, messy, smelly, and scary. These feelings towards dogs can lead people in very different directions when talking about this favorite (for some) pet. It’s when people don’t know what to expect when the…Read More

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    Welcome to Our Blog!

    Welcome dog lovers! Whether you have your first puppy or are an experienced dog owner with adult dogs, there’s a reason you are visiting our site. You have a dog that you would like to train how to not urinate on your couch, chew your shoes, bark uncontrollably when someone walks by the house, or you would like to correct other various obedience issues your dog has. Well, you have come to the ri…Read More