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Walking your dog or puppy is more than just making sure they are exercising; it is a great place to start obedience training. After a good walk, your dog is less likely to become bored and behavior is easier to manage. If you need some assistance with puppy training and are looking for a dog trainer in Fort Collins, contact S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation. Having a happy and obedient dog makes for a happy family and we can’t wait to get started!

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Improves Health

Just like humans, exercise is important for our health and it’s no different for your four-legged friend. Depending on your dog’s breed, there are many health benefits that go along with regular exercise, including preventing heart disease and other illnesses. Walking will also decrease the risk of developing urinary infections by stimulating urination and eliminating harmful bacteria. Also just like humans, exercising decreases stress, prevents depression and helps with...


Dog owners dread the day when they come home from work to find the couch cushion insides are draped all over the living room, shoes have been chewed on, or there are droppings on the carpet. Even a well-trained dog can misbehave when the owner leaves the home. Separation anxiety in dogs is a distressing behavior and is one of the most common reasons why dogs are euthanized or given up for adoption. If you’re in need of a dog trainer in Fort Collins, contact S. Miley Dog Training And Rehabilitation.

What Are the Signs?

The extremity of separation anxiety ranges from little quirks to more serious actions that cause damage to household items and can harm the dogs themselves. The behavior also varies from dog to dog. Dogs with this behavior often become anxious when they are separated from the owner. Some dogs will become more anxious if they cannot actually see their owner and will follow them around the house. Others don’t become anxious until the owner physically leaves the home. When dogs become anxious, a range of actions can follow, from whining,...


Puppies are undeniably cute, but they are also undeniably messy and can get into a lot of trouble. Puppy training is an essential part of starting the relationship out right. It can seem like a hopeless task of trying to get your new puppy friend to keep his or her food in their bowl, let alone letting you know when they need to make a trip outside. If you need help with puppy training, obedience, or rehabilitation, S. Miley Dog Training will be your great resource for all things dog training related. Trust your new puppy to an experienced and loving dog trainer.

Table Manners

Having consistency both at the human table and your dog’s dinner bowl will help them to learn the rules of the house. When you have a demanding puppy at your dinner table, be sure to not respond to his commands. Be sure to not give treats at the table so a behavior of begging won’t be reinforced.

You also want your new puppy to behave themselves while eating from their own bowl, too. If there are young children in the house that could interrupt the dog’s eating, pretend to...


Dogs are America’s favorite pets. They are loyal, loveable, fun, affectionate, and humorous. On the other hand, there are people who don’t share the same love for dogs. They can be aggressive, messy, smelly, and scary. These feelings towards dogs can lead people in very different directions when talking about this favorite (for some) pet. It’s when people don’t know what to expect when they adopt their first dog or they don’t know how to train their dog, that this incredibly smart breed gets stuck in the middle. At S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation, we want our clients to have a better understanding of their pooches.

House Training

House training, or housebreaking, can be different for each breed of dog, and it also depends on from where the dog came. Dogs that are under 16 weeks old will have a better understanding of potty training than older dogs. However, if a young puppy is in an animal shelter, it may be more difficult for them to be house trained because they were living in cages, as opposed to a young puppy who was born to a breeder and...


Welcome dog lovers! Whether you have your first puppy or are an experienced dog owner with adult dogs, there’s a reason you are visiting our site. You have a dog that you would like to train how to not urinate on your couch, chew your shoes, bark uncontrollably when someone walks by the house, or you would like to correct other various obedience issues your dog has. Well, you have come to the right place. Dogs are a wonderfully beautiful creature who has personality, wants, and needs just like you and everyone else. In this blog, we will discuss these fantastic intricacies of many breeds of dogs. Hopefully, along the way you can learn more about dogs in general and the specific breed that you have come to love so much. To start, here are four myths and four truths about dogs which you may find helpful when training your dog.

Truth #1

There are unique similarities between humans and dogs. Both of us are the only creatures with a prostate, and if you ever had an appendectomy, then you both also don’t have an appendix. Also similar to humans, the prints...