Front Range Staycation

A customized program to strengthen the bond between human and dog

Front Range Staycation

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I've been in your shoes. Picture this: a deaf German Shepherd, Cassie, and my husband's hyper lab, Sami, clashing in our home. Managing the house, kids, and their rivalry, I faced dog fights 2-3 times a week. Despite trying every suggestion from friends, nothing worked. It got to the point that re-homing one of them became a real consideration.

I never want anyone to go through that. Considering rehoming a part of the family is never an easy decision. The Front Range Staycation is designed to tackle the most difficult problems on your turf. By coaching you through dog behavior problems in a familiar environment, this service aims to provide advice that is not only effective but also tailored to the unique variables of your everyday life.

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  • Do you get nervous at the sight of a human or a dog walking towards you on your dog walk?
  • Do you constantly need to brace your body to avoid getting pulled around?
  • Do you find yourself shouting “he’s really is friendly” as your dog snarls and snaps away?
  • Do people avoid coming over to your house because your dog is likely to bark and jump on them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Front Range Staycation might be the perfect fit for your dog.

I can offer you a different way. I can give you a dog that is engaged with you, makes good choices and can walk on the leash without lunging, barking and carrying on. A dog that can behave when you have guests over. A dog that is a pleasure to take with you on vacations and outings.



How do I do this? I teach you how to interact with your dog and understand your dog. It is not about obedience and limiting behaviors…instead I teach you how to help your dog flourish. I offer play based and relationship-based training programs. I listen to your dreams you have for your dog and how your dog will fit in your family. I base all of my training on these real world wants and needs.

Very few folks want a competition obedience dog. They want to build and strengthen their relationship with their dog. They want a dog that is part of the family and that's exactly what this program is designed to deliver.

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We strongly encourage you to reach out to us if you have a special situation or your dog has unique issues that require a tailored approach to training. We may be able to devise a hybrid program that best suits your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific training needs.