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Welcome dog lovers! Whether you have your first puppy or are an experienced dog owner with adult dogs, there’s a reason you are visiting our site. You have a dog that you would like to train how to not urinate on your couch, chew your shoes, bark uncontrollably when someone walks by the house, or you would like to correct other various obedience issues your dog has. Well, you have come to the right place. Dogs are a wonderfully beautiful creature who has personality, wants, and needs just like you and everyone else. In this blog, we will discuss these fantastic intricacies of many breeds of dogs. Hopefully, along the way you can learn more about dogs in general and the specific breed that you have come to love so much. To start, here are four myths and four truths about dogs which you may find helpful when training your dog.

Truth #1

There are unique similarities between humans and dogs. Both of us are the only creatures with a prostate, and if you ever had an appendectomy, then you both also don’t have an appendix. Also similar to humans, the prints on dogs noses are unique to each dog, just like our fingerprints.

Truth #2

A wagging tail doesn’t just mean that your dog is happy, it could mean other things as well. If your dog is slowly wagging his or her tail and also has a stiff, low posture, they could be deciding whether or not to attack. Dogs will understand the different, but it can be difficult for humans to see it.

Truth #3

Sitting down is not a natural position for a dog to be in. In a pack of other dogs, they are either in motion, standing, or lying down. Humans train dogs to sit.

Truth #4

Dogs can run up to 45 miles per hour, can bite with a pressure of more than 300 pounds, and can move their paws four times faster than you can move your hand away. These facts make dogs more dangerous than a great white shark without the proper training.

Myth #1

Playing tug of war with your dog does not make him or her aggressive. With the proper control and rules, playing this game will teach your dog to drop a toy on command.

Myth #2

Dogs are not color blind, but it is harder for them to distinguish between colors, similar to a human with red/green color blindness.

Myth #3

Comparing human years to dog years doesn’t always work. Depending on the size of the breed, the formula one human year equals seven dog years, doesn’t hold true. A five-year-old Great Dane might be middle-aged, while a five-year-old Jack Russell is still relatively young.

Myth #4

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. While this may be true some of the time, there are dog breeds that are born with natural instincts that humans tend to adjust in order to be less offensive.

Whether you would like to train your puppy or break some bad habits of an adult dog, it takes work to understand your dog. With the help of obedience training or dog rehabilitation classes, you and your dog can be on the path to a stronger relationship. Make sure to check back for more blogs on dog training, such as training your dog to walk with a leash, training them to come on command, and how to respectfully live with other dogs and/or humans. If you want to get started training your dog, contact us today!