1. I knew I made the right decision for him and my family.

    I met Susan through a mutual friend. I was looking for a new home for my boy Charlie, a decision I did not take lightly. Though he was an awesome dog, he needed some fine tuning and as a single Mom I simply didn’t have the time or the tools and kne…Read More

    D. Britton
  2. Why Susan? Because she truly cares!

    Why Susan? Because she truly cares! We had her work on our female German Shepherd pup when she was around 11 months old, this dog was a maniac in a silly way. Susan had her for two weeks and we were amazed by the dog we got back !!! Dakota is 2 1/2 n…Read More

    Sheree Morris
  3. We are so grateful we found S. Miley Dog Training and Rehabilitation.

    After much searching, I was so happy to come across Susan Miley’s dog training facility for our Border collie Puppy.  At 4 months he had already become difficult to walk because of his fascination with cars.  I searched online and was confronted …Read More

    Cathy Lewis
  4. Part of Daily Life

    Look what Roscoe can do!! Before he learned to be calm he could not have done this!! Now he can be included owners daily life!…Read More

    Greg DeLong
  5. What a Good Dog!

    Max knows there is a little chihuahua mix at the site next to ours. He is being so good in an extended down in his open kennel while we play ladder ball even though the dog is barking at us. What a good dog!…Read More

    Debbie Mechling
  6. Perfect Dog Now

    She's been laying like this for a while now and we could never get her to just relax before lol, I have a perfect dog now. Thank you Susan for everything, you too are a miracle worker, we see such a huge difference in Dakota "wow" we loved her when s…Read More

    Sheree Morris
  7. I Can Walk All 3 At Once

    Before I could not walk my dogs all together and getting them in and out of the truck for hikes was insanity. Now, my dogs calmly enter the truck and quietly exit. I can walk all 3 at once!…Read More

    Theresa Hyndman
  8. Saved Our Girl!

    Blue doesn't rush the doors any more or snarl when we are putting her into the crate!! Thank you Susan for saving our girl.…Read More

    Kristi Lewis
  9. Helps So Many People

    I had the pleasure of meeting Susan in Cali Feb 2014 at DPC. I also have had the opportunity to see how she has taken what she learned and turned it into something beautiful that helps so many people. Keep going Susan.…Read More

    Tami Truex
  10. Pack Leader

    Susan did an amazing job helping me to become a better pack leader! She took the time to show me proper techniques for walking my pack, 'owning' my doors, proper discipline and creating a calm environment. The tools she gave me have helped create har…Read More

    Sarah Ihler