I knew I made the right decision for him and my family.

I met Susan through a mutual friend. I was looking for a new home for my boy Charlie, a decision I did not take lightly. Though he was an awesome dog, he needed some fine tuning and as a single Mom I simply didn’t have the time or the tools and knew he deserved better. Fast forward to a conversation with Susan- I knew Charlie was a brilliant dog and he was my kid my boy I just didn’t have the tools to get him to where I would trust he wasn’t going to plow my child over when he got so excited in the back yard or getting him to relax when someone new came into my house. Susan took the time and explained to me why he was doing what he was doing and how with little corrections he could be the Charlie Brown I knew he could be. I decided to move in a different direction and instead of finding him a new home I sent him up for training. After having him for a week I heard was “this is the best dog”.  I got pictures of him in home depot and on hikes and I knew I made the right decision for him and my family.  Upon completion of his time with Susan, she brought him back to me and worked with he and I one on one until I was comfortable with what he had learned. I have a completely different dog. I won’t lie and say he’s 100% but I know that with the tools she has given both him and me that he will be.  I know that any slip-ups aren’t from him not knowing, but me not going back to his training. He comes to my work, lays around in my office and when people come in he sits and loves getting petted.  Sending Charlie to Susan really was the best decision and I would recommend her and her training in a heartbeat!


D. Britton